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Montana Outdoors Magazine Photos

While out filming The Short Bus Diaries with Wild Fly Productions, I scrambled up a rocky cliffside to get a higher vantage point of the river we were fishing. I was wearing keen sandals and had an expensive camera in my hands. Instances like this are when I'm thankful for having some rock climbing skills because I ended up with some cool shots of the rafts agains clear blue water. Tom from Montana Outdoors took a keen liking to the images and recently published them in the magazine (link to online version of magazine here).

Erika, Scottie, Steven, and Adam hanging out in their rafts on an incredible stretch of water.

Another sweet shot that was published in this issue of Montana Outdoors was taken on my first camping trip ever with my lovely girlfriend, Erika Florian. We were carp fishing at Canyon Ferry Reservoir and had an amazing time.

Canyon Ferry carp swimming away in top left corner

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